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Inner Peace Perfume Oil: Harmony & Balance

Starting the week off right with our go-to blend, Inner Peace, for alignment and self-awareness. Inner Peace is an intentional blend that promotes feelings of harmony and balance from within.

It is infused with the soothing notes of lavender and the playful ylang ylang flower. The floral notes are matched with the fresh and uplifting citrus scent of orange and bergamot. The citrus and floral aroma perfectly harmonize with the woodsy blue tansy base. We love to apply this beautiful blend onto our wrist, neck pulse points.

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To achieve the most calming effect, we suggest rolling onto the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together. Then close your eyes and make a tent over your nose with your hands and breathe in the delicious calming aromas.

Take a little time and space for you.
Your peace of mind is worth it!